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A Newcomer In Boston

Posted by Yoshita Singh on June 27, 2010

I moved to Boston a month ago from Chicago, where I lived for a year and a half. I am liking the city so far. Have been to the “usual” Boston addresses – Harvard Square, Newbury Street, Prudential Tower and Quincy Market to name a few. Also went on the famous Duck Tour. There is still lots to see and do in Boston.

I am a journalist and my work has taken me to several cities in several countries. I was born and brought up in India and so have seen a lot of Indian towns and cities. My work has taken me to Colombo, Sri Lanka; Langkawi, Malaysia; Namibia, Angola in Africa; Geneva, Switzerland and then Chicago. I love travelling and exploring new places and am thankful that my job gives me the chance to do that. However, more often than not, I end up going to the usual “tourist hot spots” in a city. And now I want to change that.

I will go to places in and around  Boston that are on roads less travelled. Places that have their own uniqueness but are hidden in bylanes. I will share information and photos of the places I visit. While I can’t promise that I will discover a totally new site, there is possibility that as I explore the bylanes of Boston, I come across some new tidbit about the city. And that I’ll definitely share here.

It is human nature to take things for granted. And I think, one thing that we take for granted is the place we live in. We say, “Oh well, I stay here, I can go see that church, book store, eatery anytime.” But does that time come? There are numerous places in my hometown of Lucknow and in India that I have not seen, because I thought “I stay here, I can go there any day.”

So, with this blog – which is my first ever – I am starting something new. I am venturing away from the Harvard Squares, the Duck Tours and the Newbury Streets. I am going on a discovery of Boston.

Come join me on my journey.


2 Responses to “A Newcomer In Boston”

  1. Hi Yoshita! Welcome to Boston and welcome to blogging 🙂 I love the concept of your blog. I’ve lived in Boston (Harvard Square) for six years now and still continue to find amazing hidden gems in the city. Looking forward to reading your posts!

    • Thank you Bianca. Your comment is very encouraging :). There is still lots that I am trying to find out about the city. Please tell me of some hidden gems that you know of and that I may cover for my blog. 🙂

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