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Posted by Yoshita Singh on July 25, 2010

I am not a beer person. Don’t like the taste of it. I prefer to use it as a conditioner to get silky and shiny hair. (I hope you know beer works wonders for your hair. Read more about beer’s alternate use here).

Anyways. Even though I don’t drink beer, I was interested in seeing how it’s made. So I headed to Harpoon Brewery at 306 Northern Avenue. Harpoon offers guided tours of its brewery on weekends. The one-hour, $5 tour takes you past huge machines, conveyor belts and warehouses. Guides tell you about the entire beer-making process. You even get to taste some raw beer.

At the end of the tour, I bought a bottle of beer. No, I didn’t develop a taste for it during my time at the brewery. I’ll use it for another purpose. The one that I mentioned earlier. But it was still nice to see how the drink is made.


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