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Posted by Yoshita Singh on September 29, 2010

Ok, so I know it has been long, really long since I posted anything here. Well, I have my explanation ready.

1. I was out of town a lot in August and September. First had gone to Houston and then to Miami.

2. Was caught up with work, needed to file more stories.

3. Well, I got a little lazy (I consider myself to be an honest person and hence the admission).

Anyways, enough with the excuses and explanations. I have my next blog post ready. It’s about Gund Kwok, a dragon and lion dance troupe based in Boston. It’s quiet awesome. Gund Kwok is the only all-women lion and dragon dance troupe in the US. I had never seen a lion dance before. I went to one of Gund Kwok’s practice sessions in Boston’s Chinatown to interview its members for my story. And fell totally in love with the dance form. It’s not easy but the way these women perform the dance is amazing and awe-inspiring. I left the practice session inspired enough to try my hand at the lion dance. Gund Kwok can add one more admirer to its fan club.

Happy reading.


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