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Time To Relax

Posted by Yoshita Singh on July 28, 2010

Had a long day at work? Its been a crazy week? Need to relax, enjoy a drink? Then Eastern Standard is the place for you. This five-year old French brasserie, located in Kenmore Square, is a great place to unwind. Check out the awesome collection of food and wine.


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40-Course Meal

Posted by Yoshita Singh on July 27, 2010

I’m a total food buff. So much so that I dream about food. I’ve had dreams where I’m eating delicious Kebabs or am enjoying a Tiramisu or savoring chicken curry. Love to try new dishes and love eating out.

And for foodies like me, Boston Globe has come out with a list of ’40 Fantastic Dishes’ around town. The list has everything – from salads, bouillabaisse to empanadas and onion rava dosai.

Bon Appetit.

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Food For Thought

Posted by Yoshita Singh on July 8, 2010

Do you want to win a $100 gift certificate, free T-shirt and have a burger named after you?

All you have to do is eat a burger.

But hold on. Conditions apply.

What you have to chow down is a 5-pound burger that has 10 patties, 20 pieces of bacon, 20 pieces of cheese, five pounds of fries and a whole deli pickle. Along with unlimited soda. And you have just an hour to finish this mountain of a burger.

Whew!! Not hungry anymore? Well, what’s in a $100 gift certificate anyway?

That’s Eagles Deli and Restaurant’s burger challenge for you. Located in 1918 Beacon St in Brighton, Eagles Deli started this challenge 15 years ago. So far, only one person – Pete from Canada – has been able to finish the entire burger.

“A lot of people have taken the challenge but so far we’ve had just one winner. Pete was here two months ago with friends, who also took the challenge. We have a Pete’s burger now, named after him,” says Moe, who runs the place.

The ‘Eagle’s Challenge’ burger costs $55 but if you finish the entire thing, you get your money back. Ever since the challenge started, Eagles has been gradually increasing the quantity of the ingredients. The burger initially had 4 patties, which were later increased to 6, 8 and now 10.


Eagles has a total of 5 “burger challenges” that you can choose from. ‘Paul Jones’ is a 4-pound burger with 16 pieces of American cheese, 5 pounds of fries and a deli pickle. It costs $38. Then there is the $28 three-pound ‘Reilly Burger’ that has 12 pieces of American cheese and 2 pounds of fries. The ‘Cowabunga’ has 8 pieces of cheese and 2 pounds of fries. It’s a 2-pound burger that costs $23. The last one is ‘Nick Lachey,’ which is a 1.5 pound burger with 6 pieces of Swiss cheese, 6 pieces of bacon and fries.  

Eagles organizes 7-10 challenges per week. But if you are not in a mood to eat a humongous burger, Eagles has a variety of sandwiches, appetizers, wraps and salads to choose from. The challenge burgers cost the most. Everything else in Eagles comes cheap. Like $5 breakfast and $8 lunch and dinner. Raul Jacob, who had come to the joint for breakfast, said he is not too keen to take up the challenge. “If I am not able to eat the whole thing, paying $55 for a burger is too much.”

The eatery is well-lit and spacious. Adorning its walls are scores of photos of people taking the burger challenge. Some are smiling faces of people just about to begin the challenge. Others have exhausted folks, half-way through their giant burgers. Those who finish the burger, get their picture up on the wall of fame. For others, there is a wall of shame, says Moe.

Eagles’ burger challenge was also attempted by ‘Man vs Food’ host Adam Richman last year. And even he couldn’t finish the entire burger. Ask Moe if he has taken the challenge himself and he lets out a laugh.

“The most I have managed to eat so far is a four-patty burger. I’m working my way up,” he says.

With Pete successfully completing the five-pound burger challenge, Moe says Eagles Deli is adding a new challenge. Come September and the challenge will be to eat a 6-pound burger. This one will have 20 patties. Anyone up for it?

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Old World Charm

Posted by Yoshita Singh on July 4, 2010

A friend recommended I go check out Delux Cafe in the city’s south end neighborhood after I told her about my blog. She particularly mentioned the decor of the place and said it had a nice old-world charm to it. So the next evening, I headed to 100 Chandler Street.

The Delux Cafe mingles so well with the residential buildings in the area that you may just walk past it if you are not carefully looking for it. The words ‘DELUX’ at the cafe’s entrance tell that you have arrived at the right place.

Once inside the dimly-lit cafe, I looked instantly at the decor. And I liked it. Covers of old music records and movie posters adorn the walls. A black and white poster of a stunning Elizabeth Taylor is hung alongside a portrait of Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy. Also framed and hung are three posters of Marge Simpson, including the one in which she is on the cover of Playboy magazine. Nice.

Another frame on the wall catches my attention. It contains 12 limited edition Marilyn Monroe postage stamps released by the Government of Tanzania.

But you cannot miss one entire wall that is dedicated to Elvis Presley. There is not a space left on the wall that is not covered by his photos and posters. A framed record of his song ‘Love Me Tender’ and two Elvis busts are also part of the memorabilia.

The place is not very huge but has a nice and cozy atmosphere, where one can sit after a long day’s work to sip some cocktails – Delux has a nice bar – or munch on some quesadilla. Of the 7-8 items on the menu, I tried baked tortilla slices and salsa. Simple and tasty.

The music playing in the cafe is mostly retro. And the TV mounted on a wall is always playing the Cartoon Network channel.

One last thing, Delux does not accept credits cards. Only cash. So make sure to bring some dollars with you or else you’ll have to walk a couple of blocks to the ATM. Just as I had to.

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