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Apps To The Rescue – Part II

Posted by Yoshita Singh on July 9, 2010

Remember MassTransit and To a T? The iPhone apps that I wrote about earlier. Those that make navigating in and around Boston easier. Well I am happy to announce that I have found two more such apps that both city residents and tourists can use while travelling through the city.

The first one is teasingly called ‘Not For Tourists.’ But the visitors need not fret. Of course, they can use it too. A guide to Boston, Cambridge and Somerville, this app helps anyone explore the city “like a local.” It gives you the lowdown on restaurants, cafes, bus and train stations and much more in 24 Boston neighborhoods and 9 Cambridge and Somerville neighborhoods.

It’s an 8.6 MB app compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It works on or offline. The price tag is $1.99. The app has been brought to Bostonians by Not For Tourists, which is a series of guides to major cities.

The app next in line is ‘Guide Map Boston.’ Again, designed to help people find their way through Boston’s umpteen cobbled streets and squares, Guide Map Boston is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The app has some unique features. For instance if you feel you are lost and are standing on the wrong road, you can use ‘Locate Me.’ With this feature, you can spot where you are and find your location on a map. You can also access a list of key attractions in the city. Tap any selection and you are taken to the place’s website for more information. Nice. And cheap. It costs $0.99.

I’m sure there are more apps out there to show the way to Bostonians and tourists. I’ll share them here as soon as I find out. Till then, have fun with these apps and have fun touring Beantown.


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Apps To The Rescue

Posted by Yoshita Singh on July 5, 2010

Thank God for technology, thank God for the ‘Get Directions’ link on Google maps and thank God for the iPhone. Well, actually thank you Steve Jobs for the last one.

The reason for my gratitude, you may ask. Well, I just discovered that there is an iPhone app that gives me schedules and other information of the city’s subways, rails and buses. The app is called MassTransit and can be accessed without an internet connection. MassTransit costs $3.99.

(An aside – Some of you would have already known about such apps. Well, I am brand new to the iPhone, so was not aware of all the apps that are available.)

The MassTransit app has maps for several bus routes. It also gives you the time of the first and last train you can catch at any subway stop, according to its description on the Apple website.

Another app I found is appropriately called ‘To a T.’ You can use it to find the location of any bus stop or station. It costs $2.99. Cheap.

For newcomers like me, who are also writing a blog on places hidden in Boston’s bylanes, such apps are God sent. Just as one gets addicted to Tweeting or updating status on Facebook, I cannot wait to find more such apps to navigate around the city of Boston. Watch this space for more on the apps.

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