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Wishlist For a Better Boston

Posted by Yoshita Singh on July 29, 2010

Boston Common, Newbury Street, Fenway Park, Harvard Square. Just a few addresses that Bostonians like to show off to visiting friends and families.

Just as no one is perfect, there could be certain things wanting in the city of Boston too. Things that Bostonians would like to see changed or improved. I asked a few locals what those could be. Here’s their list of five things that should change/improve in Boston.

User-friendly public transport – Ok, there are the buses, subways, rails etc etc etc. Still, getting around Boston is no piece of cake. And if you live in the suburbs, God help you – ask me, only I know how I commute to Harvard Square from Waltham. If only the transport system was more user-friendly, if only there were more direct bus routes and more frequent buses, getting from one corner of the city to another would not be such a pain.

A cleaner Charles River – the river is cleaner than what it used to be. But still gets a C- from the people I asked. Thinking of going swimming in the Charles. Don’t. Planning to learn kayaking in the river. Just don’t fall into the water. It’s that dirty. That’s what music teacher Molly Dubois has to say.

More bike lanes – I once saw a biker pedaling away on his bike next to a duck tour bus. I said a little prayer for the man. Joe McGonegal, Director of Communications at Catholic Memorial School, feels the city clearly needs more bike lanes. It’s summer time. Just the perfect time to ride your bikes. And it should be safe to do so. Hoping to see more bike lanes. Soon.

Wi-Fi throughout the city – Another thing that Molly would like to see is free public wi-fi. Throughout Boston. Brookline has free Wi-Fi, Boston should have too, she says.


More parking space, especially in downtown Boston – Boston downtown is a fun place to spend your weekends and to party. But if you are circling around blocks for hours on end looking for a space to park your car, the fun quickly evaporates into thin air. Raj Mohabe, a software engineer at an IT firm, wants more parking spaces in Boston downtown. “There should be more street parking. I don’t want to pay $10  for parking everytime I am in downtown,” he says.


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