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1000 Places To See In Massachusetts

Posted by Yoshita Singh on July 12, 2010

Did you know that there are not 100, not 500, not 900 but 1000 places to see in Massachusetts? Of course, Harvard Square, Christian Science Centre, USS Constitution and Fenway Park are some of the places. Been there, seen that.

But what about Peaked Mountain and Tupper Hill Wildlife Sanctuary in Monson? Or the Coffin House in Newbury? Or the Golden Skep Daylily Farm in Berlin? Or the Snow Farm in Williamsburg? Or the Rattlesnake Gutter/Brushy Mountain and Peace Pagoda in Leverett? Or the… The list is long, pretty long.

A list of ‘1000 great places in Massachusetts’ has been released by a special committee. ‘The Special Commission Relative to Designating 1000 Great Places in Massachusetts’ was signed into law by Governor Deval Patrick in January, 2009.

The list identifies the “1000 most truly special places in the Commonwealth.” The purpose of the list is to boost tourism in the state as well as inform locals about some cultural and historic lesser-known places in the area. Some of which could even be in your backyard.

“The Great Places initiative celebrates what is unique about the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, its communities, and its people. It aims to boost visitation to Massachusetts as well as give local residents the opportunity to visit known and unknown historic sites, cultural venues and natural landscapes,” the committee says.

“This list of 1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts celebrates what a truly special place Massachusetts is,” says Eric Turkington, chair of the Great Places in Massachusetts Commission.

Now that you know there are 1000 places to see in Massachusetts, it will be a good idea to start planning your weekends and holidays for the next 20 years or so. It will take that many years to see all the 1000 places, provided you see one place every week. Enjoy.


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